mosaico bagno

Mosaic for bathroom brings immediately to our mind special, almost exotic atmospheres; games of light and colors, eye-catching decorations, personalized environments.Our mosaics are made according to the original inspiration, that means through the use of mosaic chips of different sizes and very small dimensions: from about 1.0 x 1.0 cm to a maximum of 5 x 5 cm for about 0.8 mm of thickness . (nano cube | eternity) ( nano cube | eternity )

The technique of covering the walls and floors with mosaic has very ancient roots and, still today, it is used to give a strong connotation to the environment; the bathrooms with Boxer mosaic take on a refined and magnificent appearance, thanks to the decorations and contrasts that can be obtained with the wise use of the mosaics of our collections.

We offer a wide selection of Mosaic tiles: so many tiles, so many solutions and patterns available. The suggestion is to proceed with order, focusing first on the colors.

A bathroom mosaic allows you to create truly splendid color games. Many colors of the tiles of our collections, from white to green, from pink to blue, from fuchsia to red, from black to purple. Soft shades are suitable for small rooms, while strong colors can be very particular and refined, especially if the sanitary ware has particular shapes. Often the effect obtained by using mosaic tiles to create geometric designs or particular images is sophisticated.

The next step is to choose the material: glass, marble, recycled plastic, porcelain stoneware, resin, etc.

mosaico bagno

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