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Today we are witnessing the evolution of the mosaic world that has gone so far as to use mosaics of various materials in many places, such as the interior flooring.

The mosaic allows us to give an added value to our environments, because natural stone mosaics for floor or in glass paste will be a guarantee both for the hold over time, and for the beauty that they will transmit.

To choose the most suitable floor for your home you must consider your lifestyle: for example if you have children or pets that live with you including the classic four-legged friends , in which case the flooring must be strong and durable.

In choosing the floor, the allocation of the environment must also be considered, in the sense that, for an environment close to the garden area it is advisable to use resistant, scratch-resistant materials that are suitable for aggressive conditions. In the kitchen, delicate and water-repellent flooring should be avoided, but it is advisable to choose stain-resistant, moisture-resistant mosaics and repeated cleaning operations. For example, wooden floors are not recommended.

The mosaic floor  is a strong and durable type of flooring, which lends itself to imitations of all types : wood, stone or other materials. 

It is not unusual to decide to furnish the bathroom with a mosaic bathtub or washbasin and possibly to continue throughout the floor, the materials with which they are made allow us also this, so that the bathtub and / or washbasin will appear as the strong pieces of the bathroom giving a feeling of great value.

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