mosaico cucina

The mosaic in the kitchen is certainly in recent times, the most coveted place. If for many years the laying of the mosaic took place above all in the bathroom, saunas, etc..Today the new materials of last generation allow us a funny and amazing use of these coverings even in the kitchen.

They are available in many different geometric shapes, so they allow you to adapt to any furnishing.Both marble, and natural stone, and so glass paste enable easier cleaning of the same, keeping a flawless kitchen mosaic over time. 

The only flaw? There are more than 400 sizes and colors suitable for the kitchen, so the biggest effort will be to choose your style. Even for lovers of total white walls there are elegant solutions that will not overbalance the style of the environment, but rather enhance it giving an elegant effect.

mosaico cucina

"Mosaic is  a technique of pictorial composition born in Mesopotamia obtained through the use of fragments of materials and exported all over the world of antiquity during the period of Hellenistic and Roman domination (tesserae); materials of different nature and color (stones, glass, shells ), which can be decorated with gold and precious stones ", says wikipedia. wikipedia.

Design with us your new kitchen, all the expertise of our experts at your service.

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