Guide to furnish the bathroom.

Decorating the bathroom in a practical way is not easy. It is necessary to choose the right colors based on the width of the bathroom, the correct arrangement of the furniture and adopt small space-saving devices, perfect for those with a few square meters available.

If once could still go "all right", today it is no longer so and to furnish your bathroom you have to put the same commitment that distinguished you when you chose the living room, the bedroom or the kitchen. Every furnishing must follow a logic, each choice must be carried out with style, paying attention to details. In this way you will be able to obtain an elegantly furnished bathroom that will give you good feelings of comfort and functionality.

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Sanitary ware and washbasinsscelta are an important choice: remember that the new models, thanks to the intelligent design, help to clean more easily, so when you consider a new piece of furniture, avoid to pay attention only on the aesthetic side: estetico: imagine yourself doing the cleaning and evaluating in addition to speed of maintenance, .resistenza endurance over time. 

Using a sparkling or shiny mosaicwill help you stand out the floors and bathroom furniture,and play down the mono colors of the coating.SIf used correctly, even laying it up to the ceiling will not be excessive, but will exalt the mood of the bathroom.

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To furnish your bathroom Boxer offers you 4 collections ( Marble GlassMetal, Miscellaneous ) all with different blends and materials, which adapt to modern and rustic furnishings. Over 500 items with different colors all on mesh for easier installation.

We recommend the following products for the Marble collection:



Multiglass Ice

For the Glass collection:


Nano (also suitable for swimming pools and saunas)


For the Miscellaneous collection

- Mexical



For the Metal collection:



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